Conserve Nº1

Conserve Nº1

Triangular Collective is integrated by Regina Calcaterra, Leonardo Vallejo and Belén Santamarina.

Conserva Nº1 is buried in Santa Fé, Argentina. On the site you can find on the surface this cement plate.

Conserve is a site-specific work conducted by The Triangular Collective in September 2018 in the university community of Santa Fe (Argentina). The work included a performative action of gathering objects from the community, simultaneously with the excavation of a hole in the ground, for a subsequent ritual burial of these objects.  The objective was to create a collective radiography of our contemporaneity using the archaeological method in reverse. Instead of finding, we hide with the intention of a future encounter.

The conceptual guidelines of this project are the relative idea of time, the rational and symbolic methods of rite, our relationship with the elements of everyday life and the idea of community.

We created a time capsule to preserve the objects that influenced our life and become material remains of a society in constant modification.

The objects donated by the community were individually packaged in transparent plastic seeking to make the buried element explicit without taking away its identity and preserving it to avoid its degradation. The capsule will be reopened in the year 2048.

We intend that this capsule works as a bridge, a conversation with the next generations about our daily life. We believe that time capsules have a very positive and contemplative vision of seeing the future, of transmitting knowledge, in the same way that we learned the history of past civilizations and cultures through anthropological remains.

The burial of these objects functions as a process that keeps the intangible heritage safe, combining elements of tradition and innovative aspects. The work operates in a horizontal sense without hierarchies, where all the objects offered by the community will be accepted no matter what they are.

Record of the Burial Performance of Conserve Nº1 · Triangular Collective (2018)

Triangular Collective during the realization of Conserve Nº1 (2018. Santa Fé, Argentina)