Belen Santamarina


Belen Santamarina

b. Buenos Aires, Argentina \ lives in London, United Kingdom

Through the use of hair, soil, seeds and food as materials, Belen Santamarina's works explore the autobiographical and confessional to create tapestries, objects and installations. Her works engage with personal and collective migration experiences and the use of memories hybridised with science fiction and the natural world to imagine and propose alternative narratives to dominant discourses.

Santamarina employs crafts historically secluded to the feminine and domestic space investigating relations of power between fine arts and craft.  

Her formation is based on critical study groups and painting workshops. She exhibited her work in Argentina, Taiwan, Spain, USA and UK. In 2019, she was awarded the Honorary Mention at the Taoyuan International Art Award 2023 in Taiwan. In 2023 her work Migran-t was acquired by the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan (TMoFA).