Belen Santamarina

In dreams (Migran-t)

2020 - 2021 Migran-t: In dreams Primark pillow covers embroidered with human hair. 80 x 50 cm each, 153 x 50 cm Installation. Work exhibited in the Word of Mouth show curated by Rosalyn D’Mello at Woman Made Gallery (2022).

Ph: Catalina Romero (@fotografiadeobra)

In dreams consists of two hair-embroidered pillow covers floating in space. In one pillow cover, a hand stretches out, trying to reach the one embroidered in the other pillow cover. They both hold poems (or conjures); one in Spanish, the other in mirrored English. In dreams is part of a series of hair-embroidered bed linen called Migran-t.