Belen Santamarina

Sangre Caliente (Warm-blooded)

Sangre Caliente (Warm-blooded), 2022.  \ Cotton canvas embroidered with human hair. 60 x 70 cm.

Sangre Caliente (Warm-blooded) is a tapestry embroidered with hair collected when bathing and combing. This work takes inspiration from the tradition of sharing stories and knowledge across generations through embroideries and quilts. In this tapestry, four snakes gather around two feet, an image taken from a dream. This tapestry is about navigating the fear of change and the things we cannot control. It is about learning from these processes and becoming stronger versions of ourselves. It is also about understanding and honouring the cycles and the passage of time. 

Snakes shed their skin and change them for new ones, similarly to the way our hair works. The old ones die and fall, and new ones grow.


a freezed second I ran through my house trying to escape the snakes I went into the wardrobe one of them was about to jump out with its jaw wide open -cut


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